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The T8 Scout Reflex Suppressor has become the favorite of hunters, target and sports shooters in Finland, Sweden, Norway and UK, where suppressors are free to use or only partially restricted. Already several thousand Reflex Suppressor units are being used by Finnish hunters to protect themselves against loss of hearing and to safeguard their dogs against total deafening. "Nobody in our hunting party shoots any more without a suppressor", reported a hunter, "as two of our best hunting dogs got deafened by shots that took place too near!"  Then, how do the authorities think? The official Finnish view to firearms suppressors is shown in the joint Suppressor Project Summary.


The CZ performs well with the MX Minireflex suppressor. This suppressor model is favored by target shooters in order to enable practicing without irritating the neighborhood of their shooting ranges. A gentleman shows consideration to other people!


This Barrett M82 .50 caliber rifle is equipped with the Reflex Suppressor BT8 that is suited for use with standard full power .50 BMG ammo. Muzzle brake effect of a suppressor is close to the original muzzle Barrett muzzle brake. Suppressor fastening goes without elbow grease to Barrett's existing threading for it's own original muzzle brake. However, the muzzle report is tamed considerably and it can be compared to a .308 unsuppressed rifle. The last but not the least, a suppressor is also an efficient flash hider.

Steyr AUG

A Steyr AUG at work with a T4AUG Ranger, the short model Reflex Suppressor, which is screwed on the standard AUG flash hider. An ejected case is seen flying away above the shooter's shoulder. AUG shooters report that the AUG Ranger and Scout Reflex Suppressors improve significantly the accuracy of the rifle.  Comparing noise levels of  5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammo, the difference between flight noises is significant: the same suppressor model adapted for 5.56 mm with tighter bullet holes gives roughly about 5 dB better attenuation than with a 7.62 mm rifle. A 9 mm rifle is still louder. For example, a short 4-baffle Ranger model Reflex Suppressor is already quite efficient with a 5.56 mm rifle, but an 8-baffle Scout is needed for corresponding performance with a 7.62, and 12 baffles with a 9 mm weapon. So need of baffles seems to be in proportion to the bore cross-sectional area.

Even with suppressors, it always makes sense to use hearing protection because the action noise of any self-loading firearm may be very high!


The AR15 / M16 is easy to control and it becomes even easier to fire with a suppressor due to the muzzle brake effect. This Reflex Suppressor is the T4AR Ranger.


Development of Reflex Suppressors Finnish assault rifle M62, cal. 7.62x39 mm started in 1985 and has continued ever since. This M62 is photographed during the joint Suppressor Project sound level measuring procedures in early nineties when practical shooting noise attenuation at varying distances and directions were recorded with and without suppressors. For noise levels measured for the first time completely around the rifle, see the Directional Noise Pattern. Well, how does a suppressor affect the accuracy of a rifle? The point of impact shift of suppressed and unsuppressed M62 was also tested. 

TX4 cut

The TX4 Ranger of M62 opened reveals the internal simplicity of the Reflex Suppressor that is especially designed for standard full power ammo. The muzzle blast gets offset from the bullet path by the diffractor cone. After that the first baffle reflects it backwards into the large expansion chamber telescopically around the barrel. This principle enables an exceptionally short and light all steel construction: the TX4 Ranger weighs less than 300 grams (2/3 lbs.) and extends over the muzzle 5 centimeters (2 in.).  Becouse the Reflex Suppressors have initially been designed for Valmet M62 to be used with regular supersonic cartridges, the first expansion chamber is exceptionally large for only minor gas port pressure delay increase. The T8 Scout and T4 Ranger models for the more powerful .308 Win and other rifle calibers have even larger first expansion chamber.

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M95 (above) and AK-5 (below). M95 is the modernized version of the Finnish assault rifle. It accepts the TR4 Ranger and TR8 Scout suppressors as screwed on the existing flash hider / grenade launcher. The same Reflex Suppressor models also fit the Swedish AK-5 / FN FNC conveniently.


Rifles that do not accept telescopic suppressors due to sights too near the muzzle, can be equipped with a muzzle-mounted suppressor. This Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor KRS is favored by the Finnish voluntary defense organizations.


"Red hot test" being performed for a Reflex Suppressor with a belt-fed 8 mm MG34 machine gun at 900+ rounds per minute, a 50-round belt at one burst. This way the natural life span of a rifle suppressor can be tested and accelerated for product development purposes.


SMG / PDW suppressors are also required now and then, like this one for the Ingram.

P7 and MX

The MX Reflex Suppressor with a Heckler & Koch P7/PSP (Polizei-Selbstlade-Pistole). See a detailed manual about Minireflex Moderators along with cut-away drawing and mounting and aligning instructions.

Reflex Suppressors

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